Flat Christmas II


There is a conviction that our attitude towards cats, that is how we treat them (and animals in general), determines our place in heaven! Let them therefore be terrified by those who neglect their pets, and they enjoy those who care about their comfort and provide them with entertainment every day. Scratcher Flat Christmas II is a gift for both the cat and its owner. It was made of a natural material, i.e. a high basis weight of cardboard so beloved by this pet.

A minimalistic cat scratcher

Simple and original, but above all comfortable. Cats need not only scratching, but also stretching their spine. Both these activities are possible on a skyscraper. The furniture also favors a comfortable sleeping cat. Scratcher Flat is a year-round cat holiday, and for its owner the end with visible traces of claws on the body.

Size product Flat: H 9 cm, W 25 cm, D 42 cm

Weight 1.4 kg

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