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Why a cat and not a dog

Dlaczego kot a nie pies?

Discussion about the superiority of cats over dogs and vice versa can cause a war, end a successful marriage or put an end to best friendship. Comparing these animals to each other is like a button to start a heated debate that goes on even when cat lovers know that their favorites have long been announced winners. For cats, this is not a competition, because they are above it. Their playfulness and independence are the reason for the hidden jealousy of many people who would like to spend their entire days away from the computer chasing mice, sniffing catnip and soaking up the sun. Even some die-hard dog lovers turn their eyes longingly towards these completely independent and perfect beings. Why cats are better than dogs. Here are some strong reasons:

The cat will also adapt more easily to your daily schedule. If you come back from work later, the cat will rather accept it, if you devote enough time to it after returning. Every now and then the dog must go outside and here you can’t fool nature. Of course, even a cat mentally badly endures a situation in which you come home just to sleep.

When your friends come to your home, your dog does everything to be noticed and accepted, including bouncing, barking and sniffing. Cats, however, prefer to observe newcomers from a distance, for example from under the bed or from the closet. It may be that if the cat is in the mood it will come out to greet new guests, but carefully and with a jolting tail. And that’s it. No barking, effusive greetings, jumps on the knees and jerks on the legs. You don’t have to be afraid also during the meal. The cat will discreetly observe everything from a distance, and the dog will get on the table and run away with the main course in its teeth.

Thanks to the inborn need for constant care of your fur, the cat does not emit any smell and even if you spend all days on your new sofa during your absence, you will never know about it.

Cats are masters of destruction of both winged creatures and rodents. They climb high on the walls to remove the spider along with its web and catch any flies that appear in sight. On the occasion of hunting and while looking for the next catch, they provide many hours of entertainment.

Rain, snow, gale, middle of the night – it doesn’t matter. The dog needs to go out for a walk and full stop. The owner, wanting or not, takes the dog, bags for his droppings and a large dose of patience and leaves. Meanwhile, the smug cat sits in the window and looks calmly downpour outside. Quick exit to the litter box and the cat goes to sleep.