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House of Cats

“House of Cats” is something that your cat is dreaming about! A product that combines elegance, sublimed design, strength and functionality.

Furthermore, we support the domestic market. Thus, our “Houses of cats” from the beginning to the end are being manufactured in Poland.   They are made of a wavy cardboard of the highest quality and glue that does not contain formaldehyde.  During specially selected manufacturing process, each cardboard layer is bonded in a modular way, forming compact and strong segments that make our products very durable. It enables our pets to frolic, scrape and blunt their claws on our cat scratcher.

They are perfect for all types of cats cause they can withstand a big weight.

Concerned about the health of our cats the printed design is only made of safe, certificated and eco-friendly paints secured with special foil.

Bearing in mind that cats have definitely territorial nature and that they need their own, undisturbed space, that is much more important than a life in a group, it is worth to give to our pet which had just been introduced to our home its own house. It will make the process of adaptation much easier and will reduce the level of stress of your new pet.

Our houses for cats are made with the care of both the cats and their owners’ interior. In the first place we wish to safe your armchairs, sofas and curtains. From now on your pet will blunt its claws on the cat scratcher with great joy and pleasure.

Our product functions as a hiding place, a cat scratcher, as well as a place for leaps and frolics. The movement and fun are important aspects in keeping our pet in good health and condition.

We pay close attention to the smallest details of every item. The cat scratcher is an ideal combination of form, function and structure. High variety of patterns, structures and designs that can be combined in any way, allows you to design a unique product, perfectly suited to your individual needs, aesthetics and types of interiors.

What to want more?

Nothing! That’s what your cat would certainly say.

It is hard to disagree with it…

Therefore, give him a unique gift and get a rumble of happiness in return.

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