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Why is the cat attacking the owner?

You bought a cat, but from the beginning something goes wrong. The cat, instead of gradually getting used to your company, moves away, and sometimes even you observe aggression in him. Moments later, a kitten happens to bite and attack you. What’s happening?

The topic of cat aggression towards owners is very wide. There are many reasons for how to solve the problem. However, with a certain amount of patience, one must approach the pet and focus on observing his behavior as well as situations in which this aggression appears.

Inappropriate socialization

It is very common practice to put the kittens away from their mother too early. Sometimes this is due to ignorance, and sometimes the desire to earn quick or “get rid” of excess quads from home. Unfortunately, this behavior badly affects the behavior of kittens. Why? Because they did not have time to get the rules of social coexistence from the mother. Kittens can not distinguish fun from hunting or even fighting. They bite their owner for fun, they lurk and attack because they consider it a good pastime.

Physical pain

A cat experiencing physical pain can be confused and attack someone or something in his immediate surroundings. This is a very natural reaction, which is supposed to be a manifestation of defense against unpleasant feelings. Sometimes, unknowingly, we can inflict the pain to a pet, for example, by unsuitable grasping or embezzlement. Due to our proximity, the attack will then be directed at us. We must remember that the cat has a very delicate skin and in a unconscious way we can prick it ourselves.


In the case of aggression caused by the disease, the progress in inappropriate behavior of the kitten is gradually increasing. If you are concerned about this problem, it is worth to visit the vet.

Inappropriate socialization, pain and illness are usually the most common causes of aggression in cats. However, there may be many others such as frustration, fear or the desire to escape. If we can not solve the problem of aggression ourselves, it is the best to consult a behaviorist.