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15 interesting facts about cats

It is possible that your cat hates your music – but he may like the songs of composer David Teie, who collaborated with animal scientists to create the album “Music for Cats”. The songs released in 2015 are based on cat’s vocal communication and ambient sounds that arouse the interest of cats, according to Teie’s website.

The rich British antique dealer Ben Rea loved his cat Blackie so much that when he died in 1988, he left most of his property – a total of nearly $ 13 million – to a happy (though probably indifferent) cat. The money was divided between three charities for cats, who were ordered to watch over beloved companion Rei. To this day, Blackie is the Guinness World Record as the richest cat.

Males are usually left-handed and females use their right paw more often.

Have you ever wondered why your cat likes rhythmically rubbing you with paws? Experts have not established yet why cats like to do this, but they came up with several possible explanations. One of them is that your kitty is trying to mark his “territory” (yes, it’s you!) With the scent glands in his paws. And because kittens knead their mother’s belly to stimulate milk production, there is also a chance that they will transfer this behavior into adulthood – this phenomenon is called “neotenic behavior.”

On October 18, 1963, French scientists used a rocket to launch first cat into space. The cat’s name was Félicette and after the parachute jump she reached the ground safely.

Cats do not have collarbones, so they can squeeze into small holes easily.

Each cat’s nose has a unique pattern, it’s like a fingerprint in a person.

The train station in Southeast Japan is run by a charming manager – a 6-year-old calico cat named Nitama. Kishi train station near Wakayama City rented Nitama in 2015, just a few months after its predecessor, Tama, died of acute heart failure at the age of 16.

Black cats are considered a bad omen in the United States, while in Great Britain and Japan they are seen as successful. In the English Midlands, new brides receive black cats to bless their marriage, and the Japanese consider black cats to bring happiness – especially to single women. Meanwhile, the Germans think that the black cat going your path from left to right is sinister, but if the cat changes direction and goes from right to left, this is the case.

Sphynx cats do not have fur, but their body temperature is still four degrees higher than that of a typical cat.

A cat has 244 bones all over its body – even more than a human with only 206 bones.

About 200 wild cats roam the Disneyland area, where they help control the rodent population at an amusement park. They are all well cared for and the park employees provide them with medical care and additional food.

A cat can jump up to five times its own height and jump its length six times, and make everything look easy.

Cats have an additional sense – a sense of smell and taste combination and an additional receptor, so-called Jacobson’s organ in the upper palate. Fragrance particles settle on a tongue that, when pressed against the mucous membrane of Jacobson’s organ, sends nerve impulses to the brain.

In a large number of US states, the removal of cat’s claws is legal. However, in at least 22 countries such as New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland or Germany, this practice is prohibited.