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Why cats like to scratch furniture?

koty drapiące meble

Everyone who decides to invite a new cat family member to their home must realize that this is an exceptional animal not only in character but also inherent behavior. Having a cat will certainly be nice, but there will also be problems.

I live here!

It does not have to take a long time for the first traces of their presence to appear in the apartment. Scratching furniture manifest their presence, because between the cat’s fingers there are glands responsible for the odor production.

Because you have to get to know the cat

Kasia, the owner of three exceptional cats, decided to share her story with us. Everyone has a completely different character and that’s why everyone needs to be understood. After a few years of shared housing, he knows that every kitten has his favorite toys, favorite food, but also favorite places to scratch with his claws. In an amazing way, these favorite places coincide with her favorite armchairs, couches and wallpapers. Initially, the problem of scratching spent her sleep with her eyelids. Then came the idea to deter kittens from these places, but all attempts at once ended in a fiasco. Finally, the idea of ​​using scratchers and setting them in critical places was born. The cats immediately became interested in their structure. Already at the first contact they began to dig their claws into the porous surface. There was hope for solving the trouble.

Good cardboard cat scratcher and after the problem

The story of Mrs. Kasia shows that the scratcher can stave off the problem one hundred percent. The furniture has become safe, the nerves are soothed, and the cats are extremely happy. All you need to do is choose a cat scratcher that will be attractive to our cat. If the cuddly loves hiding places, the Cat model will be an interesting solution. Its shape resembles a cat’s head, ideally serves as a hideout, bed and also a toy. If a cat loves pranks, he will certainly like the Roll, which also acts as a rocker. However, if the cat likes comfortable couches, we offer him a Sofa scratcher.