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Cat suitable for a child

Cats are specific animals characterized by a variety of characters. When you want to choose the perfect pet for your home, it is worth to analyze your child’s behaviour. Pay attention to whether it is noisy, very mobile, and if, when it sees an animal, wants to give a hug, stroke and carry it on hands. These are important features that will help you choose the right breed of a pet, because you want your pet and a child to become best friends.

Get to know the nature

There are cats who, thanks to their temperament and character traits, very well endure the children’s company. They are gentle, sociable, they like to cuddle, they do not react negatively to noise. Before buying a pet should be read in the opinions of experts, and the characteristics of different breeds. We decided to help you and present a few cat suggestions, which are worth paying some attention to.

Breeds under the microscope

The British Shorthair cat is exceptionally well-aimed at people, often described as a quiet “teddy bear” couch. He is mentally balanced, easily acclimatises in a new environment. Inherently cheerful, joyful, and especially in the “children’s” period, he loves to play.

Maine Coon – considered by many considered to be the very similar to a dog. He loves the company of people (not only household members). He is very attached to the owners. He is cheerful and friendly.

Manx, like Maine Coon, is a little dog-like cat. He attaches himself to the owners, he likes company but he is not too noisy, so he would live best in a house where the child / children are not as loud. Manx is a very intelligent cat – you can teach him to retrieve or perform various tricks.