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What does your cat say?

Cats are real personalities. Each one has an extraordinary and own character. In order to communicate their own emotions and needs to their environment, they have very different ways and means to understand.

“Meow, meow, do you hear me screaming?”

There are many sounds that cats give. Let’s take a look at a few that come to mind first. In the first place is the meowing. With this sound, the cat wants to attract attention. Cats meow in greeting, but also if they want something from us, e.g. Treats. Second comes the purring that can be heard when the cat is well and feels well. Thirdly, one can recognize sounds that have a negative meaning like hiss, scream, growl.

The tail bent, the eyes pinched

You probably do not have to tell a cat lover that the cat’s eyelids fall when it’s tired. However, if she is scared, she puts her ears flat on her head, her eyes are wide open and her mouth shows a characteristic grimace. If she is desperate, she lowers her head and is ready to attack.