Scratching post Cat Triangle


A cat is happy when is full, relaxed and pampered. Every cat’s mom knows that every cat needs to be just taken care of. Although cats go their own way, they need human love and care. Pets deserve all the best, thus there must be a cat scratcher in the corner of a room.

The Cat Triangle is a completely new edition of feline fashion

The cat scratcher is simple, functional, at the same time it is made of good quality materials. Fabulous colors of scratcher’s triangles delight the eye and enrich it with an interesting, designer feature. Even the fussiest cat will appreciate your effort when you give it a gift, where at the same time it will be able to rest and have fun by scratching, which is its favorite play.

Size product Cat: H 42 cm, W 39 cm, D 42 cm

Weight 4,1 kg


Gł: 42 cm, Sz: 39 cm, W: 43 cm


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