Flat Phanter


The cat purrs in certain situations, when is happy, relaxed, hungry or trying to get attention. And when was the last time your cat made that beautiful sound? With the Flat Phanter you can listen to the cat music every day. The cat scratcher is a place dedicated only for the feline master of the house which can blunt their claws on it.

Scratching post providing fun, comfort and relaxation

Cat owners should remember that stretching cat’s spine is very important for their pet’s comfort. Another great advantage of the Flat Phanter is the design – modernist, elegant and simple at the same time. However the secret of the cat scratcher lies in its simplicity. The leopard-print pattern, its functionality and shape will appeal to every fashionable cat.

Size product Flat: H 9 cm, W 25 cm, D 42 cm

Weight 1,4 kg

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