Scratching post Cat Eco

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A cat scratcher is what cats like most! In spite of appearances, it is not made for sharpening cats’ claws because they are naturally sharp enough. Cats need the scratcher to clean their claws from exfoliating skin, in the meantime they have a lot of fun. The Cat Eco is a real cat’s furniture.

It was based on a design in a truly modernist style.

The combination of a simple form with functionality and subdued color is a completely new edition of cat accessories. There is enough space even for large cats. What’s more, ears of the structure attract attention and are the only but unique decoration.

Size product Cat: H 42 cm, W 39 cm, D 42 cm

Weight 4,1 kg[


Gł: 42 cm, Sz: 39 cm, W: 43 cm

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