Flat Eco


There a feeling that our attitude toward cats, the way we treat them (and animals in general),  determines our place in heaven! So those who neglect their pets should quail but those who take care of pets’ comfort and provide them with the entertainment every day should be satisfied with themselves. The Flat Eco is a gift for both cats and their owners. It was made of a natural cardboard that is friendly for small pets. The classic, traditional shape and a beige-grey cardboard present fantastically in every apartment.

Minimalist scratching post for cats

Simple and original but above all comfortable. Cats need not only scratching, but also stretching their spine. The cat scratcher enables both things. What is more, it creates favorable conditions for cats’ sleeping. The Flat Eco means year-long holidays for cats, and no claw marks on their owner’s body.

Size product Flat: H 9 cm, W 25 cm, D 42 cm

Weight 1,4 kg

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