The scratching post E.T. It is primarily a scratching post with functional holes in which our little ones can lie down both in the middle of the scratching post and at the top of the object, proudly observing the household members. A unique design reminiscent of the unforgettable hero of E.T.

Perfect for two cats!

The highest quality cardboard, segmentally glued, is very durable.
Suede surface for scratching thanks to the advanced technology of cutting corrugated cardboard.
Elegant, fashionable cat scratcher for play and relaxation for a kitten
The scratching post with two holes is perfect for owners of two cats!
Afternoon naps at the E.T. will meet the expectations of even the most demanding user. The unique design combined with a variety of functions greatly improves the well-being of the cat and thus brings him joy. Certainly, there will be no end to cat games, and after exhausting scratching, they will be able to rest in the cozy interior of the “toy”.

Size product Sofa: D 42 cm, W 70 cm, H 28 cm

Weight 5,5 kg

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