Flat Hair


The Flat Hair is an unusual cat scratcher. It is a new trend in the cat’s world where everything is different than it should be. Cats are special creatures that go their own way. They are rarely the life and soul of the party, but it does not mean there are no exceptions where a cat does not leave its owner’s side.

A scratching post for cats with a matching shape

The Flat Hair gives a number of possibilities that a little pet will certainly make good use of it. The cat scratcher is mainly used for cleaning cat’s claws from exfoliating skin by scratching it. The size and a simple shape of the Flat Hair allow cats to stretch and relax without any limitations. Cat gymnastic on the Flat Hair will definitely impress every household member and their guests. Noteworthy is also the pattern of cat’s hair – no one will doubt whose place is it.

Size product Flat: H 9 cm, W 25 cm, D 42 cm

Weight 1,4 kg

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